London: 11th to the 13th of April
Liverpool: 18th to the 20th of October

London: Coming Soon
Liverpool: Coming Soon

B2B means Business to Business aka (Trade)
B2C means Business to Consumer (Public)

London Tickets Will Be available in January 2019
Liverpool Tickets will be available in April 2019

You can register as an exhibitor by filling out the Exhibitor Inquiry form bellow.

Public Tickets and VIP Tickets are non refundable

Vape Jam UK is a strictly 18+ event, no minors will be granted access. You must bring a photo ID in order to gain entry, if you are unable to provide valid photo ID, the following alternatives will be accepted:
• Signed valid passport of any nationality
• Current UK non-photo driving license
• UK birth certificate
• UK biometric residence permit
• UK adoption certificate
• Valid EU photo ID card
• Signed valid UK paper driving license
• Non-UK birth certificate, + translation (notarised), if non English.

B2B (Trade) Visitors must bring physical proof of company registration, entrance to the show might be denied if no such documentation is declared.

Vape Jam UK is a non smoking event, smoking is prohibited inside the venue.

The distribution, promotion or sales of products and items of non exhibiting brands and individuals is prohibited and if caught the Vape Jam UK staff will ask you to leave the premises immediately. This includes distributing any leaflets or any other printed materials, carrying out any advertising activity, making photographs for commercial purposes, conducting any surveys and other similar activities without the consent of Vape Jam UK.

Vape Jam UK has no strict dress code, however nudity is prohibited at all times.

Entering the back offices of the premises and areas that are not designated for visiting public are prohibited.

Riding bicycles, scooters, skateboarding or roller-skating is prohibited.

Bringing alcohol, narcotics and other toxic substances, weapons and other dangerous objects, substances that can be used as incendiary devices, and using flammable substances is prohibited.

Vape Jam UK is not responsible for any loss of property brought to the premises or any damages to property or health of visitors caused by their own acts or acts of third parties that are inconsistent with these Rules for Visitors

Vape Jam UK reserves the right to refuse admission to the premises or expel from the premises any person that fails to comply with these Rules for Visitors, or visitors who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other toxic substances; no refund of entrance fees shall be given under such circumstances.

We ensure our exhibition stands are safe and accessible for all. Should you wish to plan some assistance ahead of your visit, please contact ExCel via email (, indicating the level of assistance you require.

Vape Jam staff will do our utmost to offer support during your visit.

Wheelchair hire details and further information can be read here

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